We each have a unique blueprint that sets the course of our life. Understanding how we have been imprinted helps to deepen our self awareness, allowing for meaningful growth. There are moments when the natural ebb and flow of change, experiencing unforeseen setbacks, or simply living in modern times, can alter desired outcomes. Conflict is the impetus for growth and transformation, and the therapeutic relationship can bring clarity to this process. Engaging in therapy serves as a portal by which identifying resistance and embracing convictions can bring us back on course. From this place of awareness, releasing unwanted beliefs can evolve into authentic self expressions.


My general approach revolves around Self-psychology and concepts of Jungian based archetypal imagery. I also incorporate methods that support an integration of various challenges with the creative process. I believe a primary goal of psychotherapy is to embrace the present moment with curiosity while intending a meaningful future path. 


When working with couples, I view the relationship as the client and work toward creating a foundation that supports the unique perspective of each partner. By remaining neutral and providing a safe space to explore unconscious processes, communication styles, and attachment experiences, my role as a facilitator guides each partner to gain awareness into their relationship. 


My approach to working with families is based on structural and strategic methods that establish hierarchies, define roles and rules, and move toward healthy boundaries. The therapeutic setting serves as a model that is safe and encouraging; promoting essential and vital communication amongst all family members.

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